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What better way to understand history or culture of a place than to walk with the locals, mingle with them and appreciate the lifestyle. Tornos' Walks are not the traditional walks that are laden with loads of history, but they  have strong local elements, that make these so very interesting and knowledgeable. The two walks are quite different, so you can easily choose from an array of walks that interest you, also a combination of two or more will never put you off as each one has been carefully designed to be unique in all senses.

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What walks do we offer in Lucknow ?

Lucknow is a city that is full of culture, history and unique experiences at every nook and corner. Lucknow Walks are the best way to discover and re-discover this fabled city, Combining these with a regular city tour or just having it as an stand-alone option is indeed an exciting experience that one could have. Check out our walks that range from The Victorian to The Heritage Walk, and then Junk Market to The Flea Markets or for that matter a walk that is a combination of Shopping and History both and we call it Aminabad Shophistory Walk.... MORE


What about some special tours ?

Our Special Tours are carefully crafted tours of Lucknow (or include a day's excursion to a nearby place) that are based on logical themes or topics of great interest, such as the Great Indian Uprising of 1857, Culinary Delights, Chikan Embroidery, Awadh Fashion, Avadh Music, Dance et al. We take you on a 2 to 3 nights itinerary, introducing you to all the facets of the topic and making the tour of an academic interest for the discerning travellers to Lucknow.... MORE

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Lucknow is a treasure trove, that keeps on showing you something new, every time you feel you have known it....

Why walk in Lucknow with us ?

We introduced these original walks for the first time in Lucknow, but sure, this should not be the only reason to walk with us. 

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